EDT Lessons

Essential Driver Training (EDT)

As and from the 4th of April 2011, anyone having got a  learner permit, must go through the EDT system before they sit their driving test.

This includes a compulsory 12 lesson programme. It is known internationally as GDL (Graduated Driver Licencing), which itself is part of a pan European, road safety initiative. It is not complicated but it is more structured and requires a sponsor (someone willing to help the beginner between EDT lessons)

At your first EDT lesson, your instructor should have for you, a logbook (which you must purchase) and an information booklet, which is free. Your information is written into the logbook and in turn, loaded onto the RSA website, EDT section, by your instructor.

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“Kevin was recommended to me by a friend who in turn knew several of his former students, all of whom passed the driving test on their first attempt. I can honestly say the course of driving lessons with Kevin was one of the most valuable and rewarding educational experiences I have had. His focus, attention to detail, and understanding, all gave me the skills and confidence required to complete the test successfully. I can’t recommend him highly enough”

Eamon O'Connor, Riverstick