Learning to drive

When you begin to learn to drive, there are two separate issues involved. One is the actual physical act of driving the car and the second issue is the safe application of that driving, in the prevailing conditions.

From this information, it should be apparent that initial training should be given in an area that has low volumes of traffic and enough space to allow learning errors take place without danger.

Abacus uses its unique Startdrive programme, which allows the beginner to learn the workings of the car in complete safety. As the student improves in his or her driving skills, conditions will be added to stretch their abilities.

With a dual-controlled vehicle, the student soon learns that any mistake they make, will not lead to damage or injury.

The high volume of successful students over the years, is proof that the Startdrive programme works. You can be confident that you will receive the highest standard of instruction with Abacus School of Motoring.

Getting your Learner Permit

Before you get your learner permit you must sit your Theory Test.  When you have passed your theory test, you will be issued a certificate. Along with this cert, you will need other appropriate ID and the required fee to your local NDLS office, where your photograph will be taken. You may need to make an appointment. This link will provide you with the required information.  http://www.ndls.ie/


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Testimonials – Click Here

“Big thanks to Kev for getting us to pass our driving tests. Loved the lessons and delighted with the results!”

Bridget, Linda and James Broderick, Cobh