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Many driving tests don’t get conducted because of various weather, vehicle and driver situations. In heavy flooding, dense fog and snow and icy conditions, the driving tester is not permitted to conduct driving tests for safety and insurance reasons. If traffic is not moving or moving too slowly, the tester cannot conduct the test properly and will abandon the test.

The condition of the vehicle can prevent the test from being conducted. Finally, applicants can and have arrived for their test on the wrong day, at the wrong time or with out of date/incorrect permits.

Organise your preparation for the driving test adequately and in good time. Straight away, this will increase your chances of succeeding. Bring notification of your test with you to the test centre. Either by printed off e-mail or if you have been texted a reminder, bring your phone (on silent) with you. If there is any discrepancy, you will have proof of the notification.

Know the road signs starting on page 209 of the Rules of the Road book (June 2013 issue) and the six hand signals on pages 106-107.

The driving tester is required to conduct the driving test with the minimal of communication. The tester is instructed not to engage in conversation with the person being tested. It may distract the person sitting the test or lead the tester to be accused of favoritism.

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“Big thanks to Kev for getting us to pass our driving tests. Loved the lessons and delighted with the results!”

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