Test Preparation – Vehicle

Before you sit your driving test, the RSA expect your car to be roadworthy and will ask you to confirm this, by signing a declaration.

  1. The vehicle you intend using must be have it’s required discs displayed, up to date and the registration of the vehicle correctly printed on each disc.
  2. All the vehicles brake lights must clearly show red and indicators clearly show amber.
  3. The tyres on your vehicle must have sufficient thread, be adequately inflated and have no cuts, blisters or foreign objects stuck in them.
  4. The registration plates and lenses must be clean and clearly visable, front and back.
  5. The interior of the vehicle must be free from strong odours such as cigarette smoke, overpowering air fresheners or strong fuel or oil vapours. In addition, no loose objects must be in the cabin of the car as they could roll under the brake pedal and create a dangerous situation.
  6. Seatbelts mirrors and headrests must be in the vehicle and working properly.
  7. You must have your learner permit at least six months before you sit your test and it must not be out of date. In addition it must be signed by you and stamped in the “B” section for car tests.
  8. The passenger door must open from inside and out.
  9. Any warning lights that may be showing on the dash of the vehicle must be removed and you must ensure you have sufficient fuel to complete the driving test without the fuel warning light coming on.
  10. The vehicle must have an L-Plate displayed to the front and rear.
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“Kevin was recommended to me by a friend who in turn knew several of his former students, all of whom passed the driving test on their first attempt. I can honestly say the course of driving lessons with Kevin was one of the most valuable and rewarding educational experiences I have had. His focus, attention to detail, and understanding, all gave me the skills and confidence required to complete the test successfully. I can’t recommend him highly enough”

Eamon O'Connor, Riverstick